Dubai once again earned the sympathy of expats

Dubai was ranked among the top two cities in the world for foreigners to live in.

Dubai, along with Valencia and Mexico City, have become the world’s best cities for foreigners to live in, according to a ranking compiled by the online portal InterNations in 2022. It is noted that Dubai was ranked second.

Most expats said they found it easy to deal with the local authorities (66% vs 40% globally), they are satisfied with the quality of public services provided digitally (88% vs 61% global average).

Moreover, 70% of the surveyed foreigners reported that they were satisfied with their jobs, and the local business culture helps them develop. Dissatisfied with online services remained 18% of respondents (compared with 7% of the global average).

It is noted that immigrants in Dubai are happy with their social life (68% are happy, compared to the global average of 56%), 81% of respondents feel welcome (66% in other countries), 95% are happy with the car infrastructure (75% global average), and appreciate the nightlife and restaurants.

The survey has been conducted annually since 2017. The 2022 survey assessed indicators related to quality of life and satisfaction for about 12,000 expatriates from 177 nationalities.

Earlier, Dubai was recognized as the world’s most popular travel destination – the metropolis received the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2023 from the travel portal Tripadvisor.

The award was given based on millions of reviews left by travelers on the online platform. Tripadvisor reminded that Dubai is a place where modern culture meets history and adventure meets first-class shopping and entertainment.

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