Russian pop stars took part in the opening of a mega-resort in Dubai

World and Russian stars walked the red carpet of mega-resort Atlantis The Royal.

Stars from all over the world gathered on the red carpet in Dubai to celebrate the opening of the new iconic resort Atlantis The Royal. Created by the world’s leading architects, designers and artists, the resort brought together the most recognizable faces in a three-day extravaganza of events and experiences during Grand Reveal Weekend.

International stars on the red carpet included BeyoncĂ©, Kendall Jenner, Liam Payne, Rebel Wilson, Ellen Pompeo Winston Dukes and Leticia Wright. The hotel opening was attended by celebrities from around the world, including Verona Poof from Germany, British TV host Mark Wright and his wife Michelle Keegan, former judge of the Australian TV show “Masterchef” and chef Gary Meehan, and former boxing champion Amir Khan.

Russian showbiz stars and bloggers defiled in front of TV cameras: Klava Koka, Nyusha, Pasha and Hanna, Ida Galich and Irina Myagkova, Dina Saeva, Karina Nigai, Natalia Karpova. Among the celebrities in Dubai are Huda and Mona Katan and Mahira Abdelaziz. They were joined by Bollywood celebrities Shibani Dandekar and Farah Khan.

Guests showcased their striking looks and shared their exclusive Atlantis The Royal experience with the international press.

The most significant and memorable show during the opening of Atlantis The Royal was undoubtedly the first concert by American singer Beyonce in 4 years. Violinists in gold headdresses and voluminous red skirts were the first to come on stage, followed by dancers and other musicians in matching outfits. The performer herself then took the stage on a platform in a yellow corseted dress with a feathered skirt. The artist opened the show by singing At Last by Etta James.

It is noted that all audience members had to adhere to a strict no-phone policy – no one was allowed to take photos or video of the concert, but it could be done at the after-party.

Work on Atlantis The Royal had been underway for eight years. The resort was designed to defy the boundaries of the imagination and completely change the usual understanding of ultra-luxurious vacations. The Grand Reveal weekend has cemented Atlantis The Royal as the new Dubai icon.

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